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Public Policy

Small business owners lend their voice in support of sales tax fairness

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Local retailers like Teresa Miller of Treats Unleashed and Jim Adams of Falls Road Running Store compete with national, online retailers on customer service and product selection every single day. But there is one aspect where these local retailers are at a disadvantage: sales tax.

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, who are required to collect and remit state and local sales tax, online retailers have a virtual pass on sales tax collection. This sales tax loophole artificially and unfairly inflates consumer prices and hampers local retailers’ ability to compete on the same terms. Not only does the sales tax loophole negatively impact local retailers but it also hurts America’s towns and communities who rely on sales tax revenue for essential services, such as funding for police, firefighters and school teachers.

That is why Teresa, Jim and other small business owners, entrepreneurs and retailers have joined with NRF to urge Congress to address sales tax fairness.

These retailers know that we need to streamline, simplify and level the sales tax playing field so every retailer can compete fairly – be it on Main Street or online. Only when Congress acts can retailers like Teresa and Jim truly compete on service, selection and price.