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Parents of younger children can surely relate to this babysitting quandary. You hire a sitter, enjoy dinner and a movie, then about midway through the film, it hits you: You need to pay the sitter ... with cash -- and that’s it for concentrating on the movie. Do you have cash? Does your significant other? Can you pool your money, or is a trip to the ATM in order? What if you can’t get exact change?

Boston-area parents can relax., a Boston-based social network that connects parents with able and qualified babysitters, is providing a free Square payments reader to babysitters who sign up to be members of the network. That allows parents to pay their sitters with credit or debit cards rather than cash. The payment goes directly to the sitter’s account.

Square is quickly emerging as the de-facto standard for small businesses and those who are self-employed. It just goes to show how payment options are changing transactions -- even some as entrenched as paying the babysitting.