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Tastes Great, Less Land-filling?

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Packaging is a must for fast/casual food operators, yet environmental concerns are consistently raised as wrappers, containers and the like continue to fill landfills.

Enter Bob’s -- a fast food chain in Brazil that recently debuted edible wrapping. The restaurant franchise wrapped its burgers in a kind of rice paper that could be eaten along with the burger. Instead of unwrapping the food, customers were able to simply bite into the wrapped product, leaving no waste.

The idea was conceived with the help of advertising agency NBS and was actually a play on Bob’s tagline, “Não dá pra controlar,” which, loosely translated, suggests sandwiches so irresistible you can’t control yourself. The idea may have been to highlight the allure of the burgers, but -- according to the company -- the campaign was so successful that not a single customer threw away the wrappings.

It certainly provides companies with an environmentally friendly solution to litter ... an idea to chew on, if you will.