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ARTS Pavilion: Showplace for Hot Technologies

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Any discussion of the practices that are changing the retail business must include mobile applications and social media, which provide innovative services to consumers and analytics to retailer operations, as well as the cloud computing that enables their rapid and relatively low-cost implementation. The ARTS Pavilion (booth 1951) at Retail’s BIG Show is an emporium for learning how to employ these technologies in your business and a shopping mall of related standards-based applications.

Begin your visit to the Pavilion by reviewing — and discussing with the experts that wrote — the ARTS Social Commerce Blueprint for Retail. The blueprint is filled with tips on social goals, strategies and implementation tactics. Then explore the ARTS Cloud Computing RFP to learn how to select the right cloud solution, as well as the ARTS and NRF Mobile Blueprint and Nine Keys to Mobile Success. Armed with this unbiased topical information you will be prepared to tour the mall of solution providers assembled in the Pavilion.

New solutions
Looking for mobile and cross-channel solutions? Push Science is an innovative mobile platform and applications provider that has linked social media following ARTS recommendations. The NFC Forum, a mobile partner of ARTS and NRF, will be demonstrating with forum members Kovio, Inside Secure and ViVOtech the broad range of applications that utilize this preferred method of communication between mobile and other types of devices. SAP has solutions to help retailers reach shoppers in multiple channels using personalized interaction. Trevarian, an early adopter of ARTS’ digital receipt format, will unveil a new solution to connect web, mobile and social commerce through digital receipts.

Cloud, mobile and social often play together to provide the best solutions for business analytics. Retail Cloudhouse is a turnkey business intelligence environment built on the ARTS Data Models that gathers information from multiple sources and shortens the implementation cycle thanks to standards. MicroStrategy is used by eight of the top 10 global retailers to guide inventory management and sales promotions through business intelligence based on CRM systems integrated with social media. Teradata — which, along with Wal-Mart, essentially introduced business intelligence to retail many years ago — will demonstrate its new cloud-based solutions.

New technologies
Taking advantage of new technologies, point-of-sale is rapidly evolving into point-of-service. The “hot” news of 2011 was retailers providing associates with mobile devices for use as POS terminals. These applications are possible because ARTS continues to enhance its UnifiedPOS and POSlog standards to connect devices like printers, card readers and scales and manage the associated data. EPSON, in conjunction with long-time Japanese standards partner OPOS-J, will demonstrate ARTS WS-POS, which manages printing and other customer data exchange from smartphones and iPads using cloud-based applications.

Bizerba manufactures scales that function as complete POS terminals and has implemented UnifiedPOS and many ARTS XML schemas to enable its devices to share data anywhere on a retailer’s intranet. NCR WebOffice allows retailers to access point-of-sale data from anywhere within the enterprise for improved back-office productivity and reporting. Since WebOffice uses service oriented architecture and the ARTS Data Model and Retail Transaction Interface standards, integration time and cost are reduced.

If you are going to modify or replace your POS application, data security and thorough testing are essential. MagTek, a leading manufacturer of devices for cards, checks and PINs, can provide optimum security through encryption, tokenization and real-time authentications. RHISCOM offers BOPOS, an automatic and unattended regression testing system for POS applications. Setup and use of BOPOS is simplified through the use of the ARTS POSlog standard.

Completing the Pavilion shopping mall this year are Applied Data Corporation (ADC), which provides fresh item management (FIM) software for the grocery and supermarket industry; iCiX, an online industry network that helps retailers, manufacturers and suppliers share, manage and validate information between trading partners throughout the supply chain; and Soft Solutions, an ERP total retail solution built on ARTS data standards. Soft Solutions offers a full menu of support applications for tier 1 and 2 retailers.

The ARTS Pavilion is one-stop shopping for applications to improve your bottom line, as ARTS standards protect your investment and provide flexibility for the inevitable business changes. I hope to see you in New York.