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New ARTS Standards to be Unveiled at Users Conference

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As has become a tradition, ARTS will debut new products at the ARTS Users Conference, September 30-October 3 in Dallas.

The first product is the Compliance Audit Interchange (CAI) schema, which work team chair Peter Burrows, executive director of the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC), will introduce at a session entitled “Collaborating for a Cause.”

FFC is a non-profit organization with the goal of using software to enable cost-effective, ethical business transactions and improved workplaces around the globe. Burrows will explain how the FFC, working with retailers, vendors and other nonprofits in the compliance audit segment, used the ARTS framework to tackle the “big data” problem related to supplier compliance audits.

Today, the compliance world suffers from audit fatigue — the result of vast, uncoordinated efforts directed at redundant auditing and inspecting, and too little time focused more broadly on building supplier capacity for sustainable improvements. Attendees will hear firsthand about the historic work accomplished by this team as the ARTS CAI audit XML specifications are about to enter the public comment period.

The second product being introduced is the Business Process Models (BPM) standard for the retail industry. The immediate benefit of process modeling is collaboration between business management and IT to develop easily understood diagrams of the current business processes. Both parties can analyze the diagrams to identify opportunities for efficiencies and work together to produce maximum results.

BPM allows retailers to discover inefficiencies in existing processes and offers the opportunity to improve upon them. Used properly, it can also support the selection of packaged software, helping cut costs by helping retailers ensure selection of “best-fit” applications. Once an enterprise has a good understanding of its business processes, it can consider adding new services and identify maximum opportunities. For example, there are thousands of mobile applications; well-mapped business processes make it much easier to focus on the mobile applications that will have a positive impact on existing business processes.

ARTS will release models at levels 0 and 1. Level 0 is the Retail Reference Model, giving a high-level view of the domain areas of a retail enterprise with little or no detail. The Level 1 models define the business processes within the domains Plan, Buy, Sell and Move, and then group all the processes within those domains and makes connections to the business units involved in those processes. These process maps will be available free of charge and in the public domain.

The theme of this year’s Users Conference is “Big Data. Simplified.” As such, there will be plenty of discussion of how data can be used to improve the customer experience by allowing retailers to develop the well-rounded customer view.

Earlier this year, BevMo!, a leading specialty retailer of alcoholic beverages and related products in the western United States, announced a new technology initiative known as “ITsMo!” to enhance the customer experience while providing management a 360-degree view of the customer and operations anywhere, anytime. BevMo! utilized ARTS standards, cloud computing and best practices to significantly reduce implementation costs and shorten the time to deploy the company’s initiatives. BevMo! CIO Bob Graham will describe how this was accomplished in a keynote session that will focus on the company’s Data Warehouse as a Service effort.

As always, the conference will feature plenty of networking opportunities, and this year will close with optional workshops on using the ARTS Data Models to manage Big Data and how ARTS Integration Standards can bridge the gap between technology and business strategy.

This event offers a unique opportunity to meet the experts on ARTS standards and learn how to advance your operations through innovative technology strategies. To see the full agenda and register for the ARTS Users Conference, please visit