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The Latest Craze: Flamingo-ing

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Tebowing is so 20 minutes ago, and planking is ancient history. The hip crowd has moved on to Flamingo-ing.

What’s Flamingo-ing? If you’re a fan of Cheeseburger in Paradise you may have a leg up on the answer: It calls for assuming the posture of a flamingo -- one leg up and wings out.

Cheeseburger in Paradise, a restaurant known for its beach party atmosphere, recently announced the annual, award-winning Molly Flamingo Photo Contest. Customers are invited to submit the images to the restaurant website using either QR codes on promo materials or the dedicated web page. The most creative fans will be awarded the grand prize of an all-inclusive trip for two to Las Vegas.

Lest non-posers be left out, every Cheeseburger in Paradise will participate in the first Nationwide Flock Mob on Flockin’ Tuesday (April 17). Guests will receive a “Flock Card” for participating, and the store with the largest Flock Mob will win a free meal for each fan who attends.