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Craigslist fans are familiar with the site’s city-based listings. But what if an even narrower selection was available right at your fingertips? How convenient would it be to know that the 50-inch HDTV you’ve been searching for is available just a mile or two from your home?

Enter Goshi, an app created by a Chicago start-up that aims to transform the classifieds marketplace by enabling users to buy and sell items locally via an iPhone or iPod touch. Goshi takes the city-based listing style of Craigslist and makes it mobile, pinpointing listings to exact locations around a user’s current radius.

To sell an item, users simply take a photo using their iPhone, add a description and price, and post it to the marketplace. They can also use the app to post items they are looking to buy.

Each post is tagged with the specific location to facilitate transactions within the local community. Right now Goshi is only available to users in Chicago, but its developers plan to expand to more cities and markets in the near future.