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A recent survey sought to learn how well retail workers know their senior leadership and company performance.

The answers indicate that retail bosses and company metrics are not as well-known as one might think. The nationwide survey, conducted late last fall by Harris Interactive among more than 600 retail workers, found that while 41 percent have met their organization’s CEO, 34 percent of retail professionals don’t even know what their CEO looks like! One in four said they can name at least some of the C-level officers at their organization; 23 percent say they can name all the C-level officers.

When it comes to the company financials, a majority of retail employees are in the dark: 68 percent don’t know how much their company generates in revenue each year.

“The data suggests that senior leadership is doing a relatively good job of making a presence for their associates… But no matter the retailers’ size, it’s important that employees are engaged with the company’s mission, aware of the direction senior leadership is taking the organization and have some idea of how the company is performing,” says Bill Meidell, director of