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Where do Shopaholics Dwell?

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NRF is predicting that this year’s holiday sales numbers will
rise 2.8 percent from last year’s. If that estimate is on
target, Americans will
spend about $465.6 billion over the next few weeks.

might say we’re a nation of shopaholics -- adding to
our stash of apparel, accessories and shoes month after month. Still,
it might
surprise you to learn where all these shopaholics live.

a research and analytics start-up, looked at the top
100 cities in the U.S. by population to see which cities have
households spending
the most on clothes, shoes and other items. The spending data, compiled
from U.S.
government stats, and from anonymous and aggregated spending
transactions from Citi
and other third party data providers, was tracked for a full year, from
2010 to March 2011.

cities were then ranked by highest average monthly
spending and the top 10 emerged. The national average for monthly
spending is $142.08.

to guess which city ranks at the top of the heap?
Here’s a hint: Chicago is No. 11 and NYC is No. 12.


Top 10 cities   Average
monthly spending on clothes, shoes, etc.
Washington, D.C. $263
Arlington, Va. $254.58
Nashville, Tenn.    $251.17
Scottsdale, Ariz.   $243.17
Dallas $228.58
San Francisco $227.42
San Jose, Calif.
Seattle $221.17
Austin, Texas
Bakersfield, Calif.  $201.50