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Tools to stop the ‘worst bill in Congress’

Congress is considering the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, aka the ‘worst bill in Congress.’ This behemoth bill has dozens of pro-union organizing provisions that would strip American workers of critical rights and flexible work opportunities while costing the retail industry billions of dollars.

10 Reasons to hate the PRO Act

If the PRO Act becomes law, retailers and workers can expect:

  1. An end to independent worker contracts and the gig economy
  2. A goodbye to private ballots in union elections
  3. Forced disclosure of employees’ personal information to union organizers
  4. Repeal of all right-to-work statutes nationwide
  5. Picketing and union coercion at Main Street business
  6. Government control over private contracts between employers and employees
  7. Limitless joint employer liability
  8. Jeopardized attorney-client privilege
  9. Increases in costly litigation for all parties
  10. Unprecedented interference in retailers’ ability to run their businesses
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Learn more about the ‘worst bill in Congress’ here.


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Issue Brief: The PRO Act harms businesses and workers. Download the members-only file below.


Webinar: NRF PRO Act Webinar Presentation February 23, 2021 (link to PPT) (link to recording).