NRF Holiday Forecast Webinar Sponsorship - $25,000

NRF's Holiday Forecast webinar is November 9, 2022, 1-1:30 p.m. ET, led by NRF's Jack Kleinhenz and Katherine Cullen. This webinar is public and open to all. The past few ‘forecast’ webinars garnered 800+ registrations.


  • Branding on emails reaching thousands of NRF members and retail industry professionals
  • Targeted invitation and reminder email (minimum of 4,000+ retail contacts)
  • “Thank you for attending” emails with Sponsor thank you and logo; “You missed it” emails with Sponsor thank you, logo and link to sponsor site

Promotion of the webinar throughout before and after event:

Promotion on Zoom Webinar platform:

  • Logo and brand placement on registration and confirmation pages​
  • Logo on title slide or the platform during event
  • Remarks thanking sponsor by NRF executive
  • Logo on playback slides of NRF On Demand, exclusive to NRF members (retail + industry partners)
  • Pre-roll video or 30-second remarks during live webinar

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