Gen Z brand relationships

Part two of three
Gen Z brand relationships: Authenticity matters

“Gen Z Brand Relationships,” the second in a three-part global study co-sponsored by the IBM Institute of Business Value and the National Retail Federation, explores in depth how brands can build strong relationships with this group of burgeoning consumers. The study, based on a global survey of 15,600 Gen Zers between the ages of 13 and 21 as well as interviews with 20 senior executives, looks at how Gen Zers interact with brands and each other, their expectations and desires, as well as how they are changing the dynamics of engagement.

Survey highlights

  • 59 percent of Gen Zers said they trust the brands they grew up with
  • 44 percent said that, if given the opportunity, they would like to submit ideas for product design
  • When Gen Zers share opinions they provide twice as more positive feedback than complaints
Gen Z Brand Relationships