How to Reduce eCommerce Chargeback and Fraud Costs

How to Reduce eCommerce Chargeback and Fraud Costs
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2020 has upended traditional commerce. While some models are failing, eCommerce channels have seen striking – and unexpected – growth. That growth, and the adoption of new models, means more fraud, chargebacks, and manual reviews, but without new resources. Every department is under pressure to grow ecommerce revenues, minimize damages from fraud and chargebacks, streamline operational costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. In short, businesses need to do more with fewer resources.

Read this eBook to learn how to achieve cost optimization by:

  • Reducing chargebacks and staying out of chargeback monitoring programs
  • Using advanced data analytics to fuel effective marketing campaigns and accelerate new eCommerce channels
  • Minimizing manual reviews and associated operational costs
  • Implementing AI-based fraud management to achieve business goals and mitigate risk.

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