NRF Coronavirus Memos

NRF COVID-19 Memos

The health and safety of customers and workers is retailers’ top priority. In order to assist member retailers, NRF is monitoring the coronavirus situation closely, keeping in touch with government agencies, health experts and retailers as the situation evolves. In addition to following the health aspects of coronavirus, NRF is addressing the supply chain implications.

NRF Memos

This download includes the following NRF memos: 

  • Memo: COVID-19 Update – Pennsylvania “Essential Retail Guidance”, CDC Stakeholder Call, White House OPL Update
  • Memo: COVID-19 Update – EU Travel Restrictions Updated, FMCSA Hours of Service Emergency Declaration, Coronavirus Stimulus Package Passes House
  • Memo: COVID-19 Update – Administration Efforts Update, New Travel Restrictions Announced, House Coronavirus Bill, NRF Proposal – March 12
  • Memo: COVID-19 Update – NRF Member CDC Call Recording, New Travel Restrictions Announced – March 2
  • Memo: COVID-19 Update – New CDC Travel Notices; NRF Benchmarking Survey – February 25
  • Memo: HHS Press Briefing Livestream and CDC Coronavirus Business Guidance – February 7
  • Memo: NRF CDC Coronavirus Call Update – February 3
  • Memo: Coronavirus Update – WHO Declaration, Updated State Department Travel Advisory, Supply Chain Impact Questions – January 31
  • Memo: NRF CDC Coronavirus Update Conference Call – January 31
  • Memo: Coronavirus Supply Chain Impact Survey – January 29