Retail Reinvention

A framework for future growth
Retail Reinvention: A Framework for Future Growth
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New business models, channels and shopper expectations continue to change the retail landscape. These three areas redefine industry rules and relationships — transforming the path to purchase in the process. How products are discovered and ultimately sold continues to evolve. You need to be able to navigate these dynamics at speed to protect your bottom line.

Euromonitor International partnered with the National Retail Federation on a report to guide the retail industry through this next phase of reinvention. This extract provides an exclusive snapshot of those insights for NRF members. You’ll also get an overview of Euromonitor’s Retail Reinvention Framework that outlines the biggest tensions behind industry shifts, so you have a resource to help inform your strategic decisions. 

The full report is available for download from Euromonitor.  Learn more about Euromonitor here.