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STORES Magazine’s annual list of the nation’s Top 100 Retailers is a ranking of the industry’s biggest players by domestic retail sales.

Top 100 Retailers 2016

Open to opportunities, clear-headed merchants are driving innovation. Retailers, long fixated on physical location and inventory, are now focusing time, energy and capital on the processes of selling and distributing goods. Physical stores are still formidable at selling merchandise, owning about 90 percent of market share. Bricks-and-mortar’s share of total sales has been in decline for the better part of 20 years, though, and experts say they will continue to lose sales until the distinction between physical shopping and digital commerce becomes indistinguishable. Read more about the 2016 Top 100 Retailers and view this year’s list.

Power Players

STORES Magazine takes a look at the leaders in key segments — from grocery stores and women’s apparel to electronics and entertainment. Power Players have merchandise sales equal to or greater than 10 percent of the sales of the category leader. This year’s group, collectively, generated sales of more than $1.9 trillion. View the 2016 Power Players.

It’s no longer bricks-and-mortar versus e-commerce — omnichannel is the path to success - See more at:

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The Top 100 Retailers are ranked by 52/53-week annual retail sales. In almost all instances, sales used to rank companies are for retail activity in the United States only; footnotes are provided when this is not the case. To arrive at U.S. retail sales figures, a variety of estimation techniques are applied based on publicly disclosed information. For this reason, the figures presented do not always match the companies’ official public filing reports.

Company revenues from non-retailing operating segments are removed unless otherwise noted; system-wide sales are provided when the operation is a franchise.

In keeping with the methodology used in previous years, the rankings eliminate fuel sales at locations designated as having a gasoline/fueling station as its primary

What constitutes a segment Power Player? Any retailer with 2015 U.S. sales equal to or greater than 10 percent of the sales of the category leader.

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