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90C Centurian Drive, Suite 207
Markham, ON L3R 8C5  Canada
Phone: (905) 513-7480
Fax: (905) 513-7684
Contact: Paul Gill, SVP Sales and Marketing
NRF Associate Member
Maple Lake is a leading provider of merchandise, assortment, allocation and optimization solutions to retail organizations across the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. The portfolio of solutions provides retailers with fast, accurate and intelligent solutions to planning and distributing inventory efficiently and economically to increase sales, reduce markdowns and improve the overall profitability of the organization.

By enabling retailers to utilize the industry best practice approaches to inventory planning and management, and still providing the freedom to the customer to design their own process and approaches, Maple Lake's solutions offer the best of both worlds. The applications are extremely flexible in the way businesses can be analyzed and simulations produced.

The applications are also designed to be changed and amended easily, including the owning business logic and calculation methods, controlling the definition of key business metrics, as well as an extremely powerful automation feature for commonly executed processes to avoid unnecessary repetition. Assortments and allocations are driven with stores and customers in mind, by providing teams with high-level objectives that maximize local demand preferences. Critically, the solutions provide an easy mechanism for incorporating recommendations derived from intelligent analytics in a simple, friendly user interface.

Maple Lake's customers can also benefit from the experienced consulting and applications team, who use the combination of their direct retail knowledge and their experiences of implementing planning solutions in a wide variety of retail environments. The end result is an easy to use suite of planning, assortment, allocation and optimization solutions that can deliver a more intelligent and more efficient customer-focused inventory strategy.
Target Retailer/Client:
All Retailers
Hardware Platforms:
Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows
Software Group:
Client Server Vendors; Microsoft Windows Vendors
Number of Retail Clients:
Remote Access:
Programming Language:
Microsoft C#
Database Name:
Microsoft SQL Server
Number of Installs:
Year Introduced:
Representative Clients:
adidas, Levi's, Aeropostale, Lululemon, Athletica, Arcadia Group, Cole Haan, Ted Baker, Lacoste
Direct Support:
3rd Party Support:
3rd Party Interface:
Interface To Whom:
All appropriate MMS providers
Web Demo:
Geographic Areas Sold:
Australia/New Zealand; Europe; North America; United Kingdom; United States
Annual Retail Sales - Target Customer:
All Groups
ARTS (Association for Retail Technology Standards) Compliance:
ARTS Retail Data Model:  No
Unified Point of Service (UnifiedPOS):  No
ARTS XML Standard XML Schemas:  No
Application Functions
Strategic Information Tools
Merchandise Systems