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804 Las Cimas Parkway
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (800) 992-9160
Contact: Please e-mail or call
NRF Associate Member
Epicor® Eagle®
Epicor Eagle is an integrated solution that empowers small- to medium-sized businesses with smart, fast and mobile business management, as well as intuitive, customer-centric point-of-sale capabilities, enabling them to become more agile, strategic, and to compete against “big box” stores. This solution offers advanced technology architecture to deliver: a higher degree of sophistication in features and functionality; support for enterprise mobility and streamlined checkouts for improved customer service; and new and improved access to real-time performance data and streamlined inventory planning to support faster and more accurate decision making for better business performance.
Target Retailer/Client:
Arts & Crafts; Automotive; Electronics; Home Center; Novelty; Pet & Pet Supplies; Specialty - Hardlines; Sporting Goods
Hardware Platforms:
Linux Servers and Windows Clients
Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows
Software Group:
Microsoft Windows Vendors; UNIX/Linux/AIX
Number of Retail Clients:
Remote Access:
Programming Language:
Database Name:
MySQL and Proprietary Production
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Number of Installs:
Over 8,000 stores
Year Introduced:
Representative Clients:
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Direct Support:
3rd Party Support:
3rd Party Interface:
Interface To Whom:
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Web Demo:
Geographic Areas Sold:
North America; United States
Annual Retail Sales - Target Customer:
All Groups
ARTS (Association for Retail Technology Standards) Compliance:
ARTS Retail Data Model:  No
Unified Point of Service (UnifiedPOS):  No
ARTS XML Standard XML Schemas:  No
Application Functions
Strategic Information Tools
Store Systems
Financial Systems
Supply Chain, Distribution & Logistics Systems
Human Resources