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Technology and the Consumer

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Technology impacts nearly every aspect of the retail customer’s experience — from browsing to research to checkout — and encompasses everything from mobile payments to virtual reality. To understand what attracts customers today and what will shape the commerce of tomorrow, the Consumer View tracks consumer awareness and adoption rates across a variety of retail technologies.

Payment and fulfillment technologies lead consumer awareness. Nearly seven in 10 consumers have heard of mobile payment or buy/reserve online, pick up in store and more than half of those have actually tried it for themselves.

While “store of the future” technologies dominate the retail conversation, many still remain at the periphery of consumer awareness and usage. Today’s shoppers are much more concerned with the innovations impacting the most fundamental elements of retail: How do I pay for my items and how do I get my purchases?

The performance gap

However, even with high awareness, many technologies fall short of consumers’ expectations, suggesting successful implementation still has a ways to go—even for more mature technologies. More than four in 10 consumers said their experience with in-store digital displays, tablet-/mobile-empowered associates or messaging apps had no impact on their experience; one in 10 said it actually made their experience worse.