NRF Cyber Risk Exchange

Designed to help retailers defend against cyber threats
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NRF Cyber Risk Exchange

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Exclusive to NRF retail members, the NRF Cyber Risk Exchange provides cybersecurity leaders and stakeholders with a collaborative and intuitive platform tailored to the retail industry.

In collaboration with PwC, the NRF Cyber Risk Exchange helps increase awareness of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape for efficient collection and dissemination of actionable cyber risk information. Companies can leverage this information to protect their systems and networks. Use your member login now to access this free member benefit.

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Since 2014, NRF has operated a Threat Alert System to share sensitive cyber threat information with our retail members. With the newly launched NRF Cyber Risk Exchange, NRF is actively moving forward to invest in enhanced capabilities for cyber threat information sharing and provide deeper membership value. NRF is recognized as one of the first Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs). Learn more here.

NRF Cyber Risk Exchange features:

  • Protection
    • Stay up to date on cybersecurity threats and trends
    • Be informed about potential data breaches
    • Leverage insights to safeguard your company from potential threats
  • Networking
    • Collaborate with cybersecurity leaders in the retail industry
    • Set up secure, private discussion groups
    • Connect with cybersecurity experts and government officials
  • Ease of Use
    • Review reports, trends and documents in one easy-to-navigate platform
    • Site-wide search, member directory, onboarding guide and more

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The NRF Cyber Risk Exchange is open only for retail members who have a cybersecurity-related role in their company.

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