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NRF produces research throughout the year responding to trends, consumer sentiment and economic forces.
2019 Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey

Every year, Mercer and NRF team up to collect data from hundreds of retailers and millions of employees to provide insights into compensation, turnover, incentive structures, benefits packages, demographics and more.

Retailers use the data to view compensation trends and evaluate their benefits compared with competitors.

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Consumer View
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NRF’s Consumer View is a quarterly look at what shapes retail.
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Holiday and Seasonal Trends
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NRF conducts consumers surveys to see how Americans will spend and celebrate throughout the year.
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The coming AI revolution in retail and consumer products
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How companies are thinking about implementing intelligent automation in their businesses.
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All NRF Original Research

The annual study conducted by NRF and Forrester examines retailer attitudes for digital commerce issues and sets key metrics for benchmarking.
Consumers continue to be optimistic about current economic conditions.
NRF examines consumer attitudes towards fulfillment and shipping, the importance of experience in retail and what types of innovations engage shoppers.
New year off to strong start with above-trend growth expected in the range of 2.5 to 3 percent.
Whether a small family business or a national brand, each company featured in 50 States, 50 Stories has one thing in common – a dedication to their customers, their employees, and their communities. See who’s featured from your state.
United Sates will reach a record tenth year of expansion in 2018.
NRF surveyed 1,000 consumers between the ages of 18 and 36 to help retailers understand what is motivating young shoppers during the 2017 holiday season.
The conditions outside will often determine if consumers are heading inside to stores or visiting websites.
With the economy growing at a 3 percent pace over the last two quarters and unemployment at a 17-year low, it would normally be expected that inflation would begin to show up on the radar screen.