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NRF produces research throughout the year responding to trends, consumer sentiment and economic forces.
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Beyond the Bargain Bin

Today, 89 percent of shoppers say they buy from discount retailers like off-price, dollar, outlet and discount grocery stores. These customers come from every generation, income group and region of the country.

NRF explores the popularity of discount shopping and how it is impacting the mindset of today’s consumer in the Fall 2018 Edition of the Consumer View.

2018 Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey

Conducted in part with NRF, the Mercer 2018 U.S. Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey provides compensation data, extensive HR and industry practices information, and benefit plan features for all merchandise categories including specialty retailers.

With over 2 million data points reported, the data allows you to gain visibility of your competitors and view compensation trends that are specific to the retail industry.

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All NRF Original Research

NRF examines shoppers’ experiences with technology, what brings millennials and Gen Z into the store and what differentiates the online and in-store shopper.
NRF's Consumer View takes a look at consumer expectations on fulfillment and delivery, including fast and free shipping.
NRF's Consumer View finds that physical retail remains an important touchpoint for consumers. Here's how retailers can win.
NRF's Consumer View explores what attracts customers today and what will shape the commerce of tomorrow in terms of retail tech.
The effects of hurricanes Harvey and Irma could cause a short-term setback in third-quarter economic growth but the storms will not knock the economy off track.
The U.S. economy bounced back in the second quarter, with gross domestic product growing at a 3 percent annualized rate.
Second annual survey gauges small business views on overall economic environment and public policies that support or hinder prospects for growth.
Survey data and retailer insights to inspire company-wide conversations about marketing, operations, fulfillment and other holiday plans.
Overall retail jobs picked up in June and job openings rose by 72,000, the most significant monthly gain in 18 months.
The second in a three-part global study on Generation Z explores in depth how brands can build strong relationships with this group of burgeoning consumers.