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NRF produces research throughout the year responding to trends, consumer sentiment and economic forces.
2019 Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey

Every year, Mercer and NRF team up to collect data from hundreds of retailers and millions of employees to provide insights into compensation, turnover, incentive structures, benefits packages, demographics and more.

Retailers use the data to view compensation trends and evaluate their benefits compared with competitors.

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Consumer View
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NRF’s Consumer View is a quarterly look at what shapes retail.
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Holiday and Seasonal Trends
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NRF conducts consumers surveys to see how Americans will spend and celebrate throughout the year.
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The coming AI revolution in retail and consumer products
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How companies are thinking about implementing intelligent automation in their businesses.
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An introduction to the impact the Internet of Things will have on retail processes through a curated set of example use-cases and scenarios.
Strong consumer spending propelled the U.S. economy in the fourth quarter of 2016. This year, the economy appears to be off to a slow start.
U.S. consumer spending: The housing sector was a bright spot in the first quarter as residential investment soared 13.7 percent.
U.S. consumer spending: The prospects for economic growth are positive.
U.S. consumer spending: The prospects for economic growth are positive.
The ARTS Customer Path to Purchase/Channel Attribution Technical Report is an effort aimed at helping retail decision makers understand Channel attribution terms and concepts and the building blocks of a channel attribution strategy.
Digital retail leaders reveal their top three priorities, new investments and investments in mobile features and functions.
The first in a three-part global study, this report explores Gen Zers’ technology preferences, “cyber-savviness” and economic influence.
U.S. consumer spending: 2017 will be no ordinary year.
U.S. consumer spending: Looking back, looking ahead.