Coronavirus Retail Restrictions by State

This state-by-state map outlines coronavirus-related laws, executive orders, regulations and guidance governing store operations for retailers.

This resource is a part of Operation Open Doors, which provides guidance and tools that NRF members can use as they navigate operating stores across the country during this international health crisis.

June updates to the map include:

  • Enhanced data categories and visualizations
  • Specific guidance by jurisdiction (county/city)
  • COVID-19 cases visualization

These updates were provided in partnership with Salesforce.

The information on this map is updated weekly.

This map is updated daily and best efforts are being made to keep it as accurate as possible.  However, the providers of this information disclaim any and all warranties as to accuracy and/or analysis as to state vs. local pre-emption questions.  This map and its contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as such.  Please consult your preferred legal provider for specific legal questions arising from the COVID-19 situation.