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SORO 2015
The State of Retailing Online

Retail Library

Fuel Rewards Program

Brandon Logsdon, president and CEO of the Fuel Rewards Program, examines successful coalition loyalty programs in Europe, Canada and elsewhere and says the time is right for a U.S. coalition loyalty currency: fuel-based rewards.

Store Operations
Mobile Mini

Every year around summer, retailers and distributors begin planning for their fall and holiday season sales. They look at best practices and solid operational methods to match inventory with demand, and determine how to best fit all the pieces together.


This inaugural NRF CMO Council study explores how retail CMOs are allocating their marketing budgets specifically to drive in-store sales. Case studies in the members-only report look at how two retailers are setting up tests in an effort to understand the impact of marketing channels.


NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz looks at growth in retail employment and the state of consumer sentiment, U.S. GDP, retail sales and personal income and spending.


Forrester Research partnered with NRF to develop this annual study to understand retail CIOs’ most important challenges and opportunities for the upcoming year.  


Segemented data from's State of Retailing Online 2015 study.


Learn how ratings and reviews influence the buying behavior of the modern consumer.

Bond Brand Loyalty

Win with short term gain and long term loyalty. Maybe it is time to take a hard look at price discounting as the default tactic to engage consumers.


How retailers' key digital commerce metrics fared in 2014 and the key initiatives they're prioritizing in 2015.