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SORO 2015
The State of Retailing Online

Retail Library


ARTS Quarterly Meetings took place May 19-20, 2015, hosted by NCR in London. See presentation slides here.

Synchrony Financial

The goal of this white paper is to serve as a strategic guide for the successful creation, development and launch of a new value proposition in order to drive greater customer engagement for a retail brand.

Retail Trends
Platt Retail Institute

IoT describes a wide variety of objects with sensors and actuators that allow them to communicate. Linked through networks, these objects can provide large amounts of data that can be analyzed and acted upon.

Public Policy

A study by Oxford Economics shows how increasing overtime exemption thresholds will affect the retail and restaurant industries.

Consumer Trends

erkle surveyed 2,000 consumers to better understand the behaviors and expectations of shopping in the digital age. Explore consumer sentiment on topics such as mobile shopping, influences to purchase decisions, personalization, and expectations of the omni-channel experience.

Acceleration Partners

This eBook explains how to revamp your site to drive both traffic and conversions, including: -Performing keyword research that explores areas of opportunity and guides overall strategy -Architecting a site structure that capitalizes on keyword opportunities -Designing pages that create a positiv

Loss Prevention

Listen in on a conversation between experts in Loss Prevention and Information Technology about resources and strategies to help the IT and LP verticals work together to meet the challenges of the emerging loss prevention landscape.