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Retail Holiday Planning Playbook
Holiday Planning Playbook

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If Consumers Spend, the Economy Will Stay on Track to Grow.


The days of physically carrying numerous loyalty cards will soon be at an end. Data shared between smartphone apps, retailers’ systems, and advanced payment technologies will allow the flow of data to be effortless, satisfying, and secure.


The latest SORO study, developed in partnership with Forrester Research, is a free download for NRF members. This report provides insights and benchmarks for retailers' marketing and merchandising priorities.

Retail Trends

Chinese consumers’ rising needs for overseas products have provided overseas retailers with a wealth of opportunities. However, these opportunities are not evenly distributed among all categories.


This report is a result of the collaborative strengths of two eCommerce leaders in Asia Pacific: SP eCommerce, Asia Pacific’s leading full-service eCommerce enabler, providing full-service eCommerce solutions for global brands; and TradeGlobal, a leading US eCommerce provider offering best-in-cla

Supply Chain
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This resource offers tips, how-tos, and examples to help you win at inventory management. From picking the right solution and entering your products, to tracking stock levels and automating parts of the process, this guide has you covered.

Consumer Trends

Retail survey reveals that 85% of consumer prefer in-store shopping In the on-demand economy, companies deliver a personalized experience that guides consumers along the customers journey to a high-value purchase.

Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School

It’s that time of the year for marketers to start ramping up their back-to-school campaigns. But as brands gear up for their seasonal campaigns, it's important to remember how customers’ shopping habits have shifted — with an increasing reliance on digital for shopping.