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National Retail Security Survey 2018

Retail Library

Loss Prevention

The 2018 report showcases compelling findings on inventory loss and the financial impact to retailers.


The U.S. economy in general is performing well based on key economic data.


First Insight

First Insight's exclusive Price Elasticity Report examines pricing and elasticity trends across a variety of product categories to help retailers and brands better understand and act upon pricing opportunities and risks.

Ipsos Retail Performance

Technology is changing how we think, work and, not least, shop. Chat is opening up new channels of communication between retailers (or brands) and their customers. Our whitepaper discusses how grocery shopping habits are changing.

Retail Trends
The Integer Group

We’re no longer asking if people will use Artificial Intelligence, but rather how it affects their decisions today and how much control consumers and shoppers will turn over to AI in the future.


First-quarter 2018 economy performed better than expected.

Consumer Trends

NRF takes a closer look at an emerging group of consumers, Millennial parents, and how they shop compared to other generations.

Consumer Trends

This third and final installment of a global study examines what this youngest generation considers to be “retail essentials” as well as what delights and engages them.


Federal Reserve interest hike not a major threat to consumers.