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SORO 2015
The State of Retailing Online

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Retail Trends
Celerant Technology

End-to-end omnichannel retail is no longer limited by technology.


With savvy, empowered smartphone shoppers on the rise, decreasing customer attention, and a critical need for a more personalized cross-channel shopping experience, leading retailers are constantly challenged by the inexorable convergence between the online and offline shopping worlds of today.

Public Policy

A new report from the National Retail Federation shows that the majority of retail managers — the people directly affected by the Department of Labor’s proposed rulemaking to redefine existing provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and strip retail and restaurant managers of salaried position


Get tips and tricks for getting up and running in a hurry, using strategies such as adaptors, mapping your data instead of restructuring it, and how to get divisions with different business models on the same page. 


Marketplaces are growing in importance as part of the consumer’s shopping journey. The landscape for marketplaces is vast, global and nuanced. The Think Tank explores how retailers need to evaluate online retail marketplaces to drive business goals.

Retail Trends

This report provides a brief look at what happened during the 2014 holiday season in retail with consumer research and economic statistics. Whether you work in the industry or are simply interested in the trends, you can use this report as a guide to planning for the 2015 holiday season.

Loss Prevention

Do you know if your company’s loss prevention and risk mitigation program makes effective use of data analytics to act on initiatives? Or how you would assess your current programs versus other programs in the industry?

Retail Trends

How the most inventive retailers approach omnichannel, mobile, social media, big data, marketing and other critical initiatives.