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SORO 2015
The State of Retailing Online

Retail Library


In this 40 page eBook, we ditch all the marketing buzzwords and take a look at how brands can effectively reconnect, engage and convert their online customers with the types of interactions they’re actually craving. Highlights include: 1.

Public Policy

A determined attacker can get into any network; the key is to spot them quickly when they arrive, and eject them before serious damage is done.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

For the third year, Deloitte Digital conducted a survey with thousands of consumers to understand how they engage with digital when shopping, and to quantify how these interactions influence their in-store purchase behavior.

Loss Prevention

Now in its 24th year, NRSS is a nationwide annual study of key benchmarks for retail loss prevention.

Synchrony Financial

The white paper outlines strategies retailers can use to make the leap from knowing thier customers, to really understanding them. Segmentation can help retailers uncover how groups of customers behave and identify high potential opportunities to target.


This webinar will help you use ARTS data standards as your tool kit for using the data you have - and determining what data you need - to link your strategies to real-world results.

Human Resources

Hiring managers across all industries view retail experience positively and value the foundational job skills that retail instills in its employees.