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Neuromarketing Reveals A World Of Possibilities

Platt Retail Institute

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For the typical retailer, there is a constant concern about the shift of sales from in-store to online. Armies of consultants are developing concepts and models for multi- and omni-channel retailing. With hopes for a successful future for their businesses, retailers are investing more and more of their budgets in dealing with this concern.

As is so often the case, one of the possible solutions is very simple because it is within the control of every retailer – the store. The retailer is always physically there, and that is the big advantage over digital competitors. The sales shift cannot be stopped, but it´s possible to slow down the movement. The store itself has tremendous value and a selling proposition that is significant and unique compared to every online shop:
Inside a store, we can play with emotions, experiences, and multi-sensory elements.

Neuromarketing at the Point of Sale seems to be the ace up the sleeve through which you can create a much better shopping atmosphere than in the digital world. Online shopping can’t have the same impact on the shopper’s
experience: a two-dimensional screen and very often poor audio speakers don’t make for optimal sense impressions and, of course, there’s nothing about flavor, feel, scent, or 3D perception. These all are elements that can help the retailer to establish a more meaningful context for the shopping experience.