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Retail Safety

Retail Safety and Security

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Loss prevention (LP) covers a wide variety of areas for the retail industry, from organized retail crime to disaster preparedness.

Organized Retail Crime

Organized Retail Crime is a serious issue that costs retailers approximately $30 billion each year. Nearly all retailers have been victims of organized retail crime, and one in five theft apprehensions involve violence toward store employees.

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Crowd Management

Special events and promotions are part of the business for retailers, and managing large crowds is critical to success for retail stores and shopping centers. NRF’s LP community has created guidelines to help retailers plan for the expected and unexpected.

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Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters and human-caused hazards can strike without warning. These resources help large retailers and small businesses properly plan and respond during emergency situations and disasters.

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Disaster Recovery

Retailers often play a key role in helping communities rebuild and recover after storms and other tragedies. Learn more about the steps business owners can take after disaster strikes, and find links to resources from government agencies.

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Active Shooter

Shooting incidents are an unfortunate reality in public places, including retail locations. Retailers, mall management, and law enforcement worked together with the Department of Homeland Security to compile guidelines and protocols for responding to an active shooter incident.

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Personal Safety

Retailers, shopping centers, and security professionals work to ensure safe shopping and working environments for customers, associates, and service providers. These guidelines provide common sense tips for maintaining personal safety while shopping or conducting business.

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