Active Shooter

The following resources are provided by the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). CISA, an operational unit of the Department of Homeland Security, manages all Active Shooter Resources and Education for critical infrastructure including commercial facilities in the retail industry.

Active shooter preparedness and planning

Use these resources to assist in the planning, development and implementation of an active shooter plan within your organization.

CISA Active Shooter Preparedness Main Web Page

Provides a full overview of CISA’s role, resources and content supporting active shooter/assailant preparedness.

Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan Product Suite

Provides a video overview and training documents on how to establish an Active Shooter Action Plan across your organization.

Active Shooter Preparedness On-Demand Webinar Training

Designed to prepare employees for a potential active shooter incident. Includes various objectives related to developing an active shooter plan, how to recognize behavioral indicators and coordinating with first responders.

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Active shooter training and awareness

The following resources can assist you in the education, training and awareness of employees in the event of an active shooter incident.

Active Shooter Video – Options for Consideration

Video demonstrating possible actions individuals can take if confronted with an active shooter scenario. This video is not retail specific.

Active Shooter: How to respond booklet

How to respond to an active shooter in your vicinity, how to react when law enforcement arrives and how to train staff for an active shooter situation.

Active Shooter Event Quick Reference Guide

A short guide offering how a bystander or individual should react in an active shooter situation.

Active Shooter Poster

A printable PDF Poster highlighting the actions to take in the event of an active shooter situation.

Ambulance and police car at an emergency scene
Active shooter recovery

Be prepared on how to recover should an active shooter incident impact your organization.

Active Shooter Recovery Guide

Assists in the establishment of policies and procedures that position an organization to recover from an active shooter incident.


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