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Personal Safety

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The shopping center is the heart of thousands of communities across the nation, a place where people of all ages gather to shop, dine and be entertained. Shopping centers generate more than $1 trillion in sales, collect nearly $50 billion in state taxes and employ almost 11 million people in the American workforce. But shopping centers are more than just an important economic force within the American economy: In many cases they serve as a community's social center β€” a place where people can escape from the pressures and troubles of the outside world. As shopping centers have evolved into the new main street, however, the problems that drove consumers to them have followed.

The shopping center industry has always taken seriously its responsibility of providing a safe and comfortable environment in which to shop and work. Simply put, consumers will not shop and employees will not work in a shopping center where they do not feel safe. While security professionals work hard to ensure that centers are crime-free, there are many simple practices and procedures you can perform as an employee to make your work environment safer.


Retailers with locations in shopping centers can use Personal Safety Tips for Shopping Center Employees for training and education purposes.