Retail technology standards

The National Retail Federation and international technology standards consortium Object Management Group have formed a new partnership to manage the functions previously performed by NRF’s Association for Retail Technology Standards division. ARTS is a community dedicated to helping retailers and solution providers identifyadopt and integrate current and emerging information technology.

Read the press release for more information about the partnership.


UnifiedPOS is an architectural specification for application interfaces to point-of-service devices that are used in a retail environment. It defines the structure of application interfaces to retail devices such as scanners, printers and scales, and describes the range of functionality in these devices that would typically be needed in a range of POS software solutions.

Visit OMG to learn more or download UnifiedPOS.

Data Models

The ARTS Operational Data Model (ODM) and the ARTS Data Warehouse Model (DWM)provide retailers and vendors with a mature data architecture for developing retail business solutions.

Visit OMG to learn more.

XML Schemas

ARTS Schemas are standard message sets built on the ARTS Operational Data Model to allow integration of applications in a retail setting. This allows retailers to add new applications to their existing infrastructure. 

Learn more and download ARTS XML on OMG.

Business Process Models

Business Process Models (BPM) are about how a retailer chooses to do business, and the models are a tool that can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in how you manage your business and your strategy.

Check out the ARTS Business Process Models.

Standard RFPs

Many companies spend a huge amount of effort researching new technology solutions to avoid overlooking a key requirement that can extend timelines and drive up costs. Our Standard RFPs help shorten the time retailers spend researching new applications.

Learn more or download Standard RFPs.