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Consumer Trends

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How Crocs takes ugliness to a new marketing level
CMO Heidi Cooley on attracting ‘one-of-a-kind’ fans to the comfortable shoe brand.
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Consumers to Spend $20 Billion on Father’s Day
Father’s Day spending is expected to total $20 billion, nearly on par with last year, according to NRF's annual survey.
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Sustainable shopper
3 sustainability trends to watch
Consumer sentiment, demand for transparency and technology are driving retail-focused sustainability efforts.
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Mother draws with daughter on the floor on Mother's Day
Here’s how consumers are celebrating moms this Mother’s Day
Flowers, jewelry and gifts of experience all rank high on the list.
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Earth Day confessional: An interview with NRF’s VP for sustainability
Scot Case discusses retail sustainability, how to measure it and why he cares about it.
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