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NRF continues to engage with its members and other sustainability stakeholders to share information on the latest insights, innovations and practices of sustainability in the retail industry.

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Retailers reaching for net-zero

The impacts of unchecked climate change are extensive. With investors, regulators and consumers seeking action, retailers are focusing on pragmatic ways to mitigate their climate change risks.

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NRF Sustainability Council

The council is a collaborative networking group open to senior executives and their designees focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), and related sustainability issues.


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NRF Supply Chain 360
NRF Supply Chain 360 takes a holistic look at the modes and methods needed to build the future, faster.
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NRF PROTECT is where seasoned and fresh faces meet to discover insights and tools to tackle any security threat.
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NRF Nexus 2022
Over the course of three days, retail leaders get a front-row seat to the latest innovations in retail.
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