ESG Tool Kit

Aerial image of forest representing ESG initiatives

ESG Tool Kit for Retailers

Consumers, investors, employees and regulators are increasingly interested in learning what retailers are doing to address sustainability concerns. In response, retailers are adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies, frameworks and metrics to quantify sustainability progress.

Retail executives and senior managers throughout the industry are finding it important to understand ESG issues, how ESG connects to broader company goals and how their roles within a company affect and are affected by ESG concerns.

The NRF ESG Toolkit includes a series of factsheets covering important ESG concepts. It also includes brief PowerPoint slides that can be used to share the concepts with others.


  1. ESG FAQs
  2. What is ESG (Members only)
  3. ESG Ratings (Members only)
  4. ESG Reporting (Members only)
  5. ESG Climate and Risk (Members only)
  6. ESG Human Capital Management (Members only)
  7. Supply Chain and ESG (Members only)
  8. Real Estate and ESG (Members only)
  9. Plastics and Packaging and ESG (Members only)
  10. ESG Glossary of Terms

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Last Updated: 4/15/2022