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Contact Congress now and tell them not to raise your taxes!

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Don't raise taxes now

The "Reconciliation Bill" will cost trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Congress is considering a massive budget resolution to fund the government. It comes with a $3.5 trillion price tag and is funded by substantial tax increases on job creators and workers.  

Now is the worst time to impose new taxes on the people and companies who drive economic growth as we emerge from the pandemic. Contact Congress now and tell them not to raise your taxes.

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View NRF's ad campaign

NRF has launched an ad campaign opposing tax increases to fund reconciliation bill

“NRF created this campaign to ensure American job creators and workers understand that funding this spending bill will cost trillions of taxpayer dollars,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Taxing consumers and businesses, particularly small businesses, as they are still struggling from the economic impact of the pandemic is not the right path forward. Couple that with so many inflationary factors, this is shaping up to be a major blow to our economy. There must be a better way to pay, and NRF is calling on the Biden Administration and Congress to find it.”

“Unlike the bipartisan infrastructure legislation, which we support, this bill requires new taxes. Congress and the Administration were successful in finding sources of funding that did not require raising taxes, and we believe they should take the same approach with the reconciliation bill,” said Shay. 

There's Something Called a "Reconciliation Bill"
Working Americans and small businesses will end up footing the bill. We can't afford it.
There Must be a Better Way
There must be a better way to find revenue from other alternatives.