Want to drive retention, revenue, and operational execution? Give your retail workers what they want

May 2022

Long gone are the days when employee experience (EX) was just an HR play. Giving your front-line workers what they want — and need – to thrive at work is a clear path to better efficiency, performance, execution and more. In this webinar, Nudge brings together exclusive market research, real-world examples and a decade of experience working with top retail brands to answer this critical question: What do retail workers want?

Attendees will get actionable tips and advice on what initiatives and programs to implement to see a true impact, fast. Key topics will include: Why workers crave a sense of purpose at work — and how to bake that into your employee experience; the importance of DE&I and its connection to employee engagement (and performance!); and how a sense of community within employees can drive innovation, idea-sharing and retention.

Thank you to our sponsor Nudge.