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ARTS is a community dedicated to helping retailers and solution providers identify, adopt and integrate current and emerging information technology.

We set our priorities by listening to other NRF communities: CMOs, CIOs, Loss Prevention and  They are the "what," we are the "how."

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The next ARTS meeting will be hosted by NRF in their offices in Washington DC. Learn more.

Resources and Standards

ARTS' highly regarded white papers, RFPs, schemas, UnifiedPOS, and business process models are available to members free of charge and to nonmembers for a nominal fee.  The ARTS Operational and Data Warehouse Models are available to members of NRF, and ARTS only.

Contact Karen Shunk for more information about how you can gain access to ARTS resources.

Where do I start?

If you are an analyst or project manager, start by checking out our Standard RFPs and White Papers to research technology, and Business Process Models to see where there may be dependencies or opportunities for integration.

If you are a developer or an architect, you should start with our Standard XML Schemas and the ARTS Data Models. These are great resources to help you learn about retail and to save valuable development time.

Finally, UnfiedPOS is the de facto international standard for device connectivity at the Point of Service (POS).

Upcoming ARTS Events

ARTS Council and Subcommittee Meetings
September 13-15, 2016, hosted by NRF in Washington DC

See archived ARTS webinars, too!

Looking for color and size codes?

Standard Color and Size Codes are an EDI standard that give retailers, vendors and manufacturers a common language for product color and size, supplementing data conveyed by UPC codes.