AI Focus Area

What is the AI Focus Area?

Principles for the use of AI in retail

These principles encourage appropriate and effective governance of AI, promote consumer trust, and facilitate ongoing innovation and beneficial use of AI technologies.  Download the report.

The NRF Center for Digital Risk & Innovation is the focal point for NRF’s work on best practices and policy engagement related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Retail companies are active developers and users of artificial intelligence systems and tools, including new generative AI capabilities, to support their engagement with customers, the development of new products and improved efficiencies in their operations.

Given the importance of AI to the retail sector, the NRF Center for Digital Risk Innovation has released a white paper entitled “Principles for the Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Sector” that provides high-level guidance to retailers on the use of AI capabilities and services.

Over the coming year, the Center will release additional reports on AI issues and engage with policymakers to ensure that the perspectives of the retail sector are addressed within the broader policy and legislative dialogue on AI issues.

How to engage

The Center’s work on AI issues will be guided by the Center’s Executive Advisory Committee and an AI Steering Committee. This steering committee will include AI and data science leaders from NRF retail member companies and key industry partners.

Individuals from NRF retail member companies with responsibility for AI policy, governance or technology can join the NRF AI Working Group, the members of which will contribute directly to Center projects and task forces.


Work with us

If you are interested in getting involved in NRF’s work on AI issues and your company is not already a retail member or industry partner of NRF, please reach out to the Center at

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