Divided We Stand: Decoding the Citizen Shopper

Divided We Stand: Decoding the Citizen Shopper

The past year of social, economic and personal upheaval has amplified the voice of the consumer and heightened their influence on how businesses operate, communicate on topical issues, and align their products and services to appeal to consumer values. At the same time, the conversation around values and how they translate into consumer choice has become increasingly fragmented and complex. 

Those looking to engage with today’s consumer — whether as constituents or as customers — are being challenged to react to issues more quickly, keep a closer pulse on what their consumers care about, and understand the role they, themselves, play both passively and actively in key social issues. 

To get a better understanding of the conscience and mindset of this citizen shopper, NRF partnered with GfK Consumer Life to dig deeper into what is driving consumers’ values and choices, and what it means for organizations and individuals operating in a post-pandemic environment. Download the report to learn more.

NRF and GfK – Divided we stand 2021

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